Slide background AEROSTRIP® diffusers by AquaConsult provide significant benefits to industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants throughout Australia.

AEROSTRIP® Key Features

AEROSTRIP®’s polyurethane membrane does not contain any plasticisers or fillers.

Membranes using these additives, like the commonly used materials EPDM and Silicon, tend to get brittle over time resulting in a loss of efficiency and the costly exercise of replacing the diffusers. AEROSTRIP®’s polyurethane membrane has a proven life of over 10 years with minimal drop in material properties and performance.


AEROSTRIP®’s perforation density of 400 000 pores per m² produces an ultrafine bubble pattern for a wide air flow range. The number of active pores, which diffuse air to water, varies with air flux. The higher the flux, the higher the number of diffusing pores. This ensures a constant small bubble size for the whole operating range of the AEROSTRIP diffusers.

During the perforation process, the membrane pressure drop is constantly measured. If measured value departs from specified value, perforation style is immediately adjusted. This ensures that air is distributed equally inside the aeration tank and the maximum amount of oxygen gets diffused into the water.


Control strategies are implemented to mitigate fouling effects on the membrane with regular automated blow down cycles to release pressure in the header and flush the membrane.
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Technical Details


Download Hydroflux Epco AEROSTRIP® Brochure

Hydroflux Epco AEROSTRIP® Brochure

Download Hydroflux Epco AEROSTRIP® Brochure

Hydroflux Epco AEROSTRIP® Type Q Datasheet

Download Hydroflux Epco AEROSTRIP® Brochure

Hydroflux Epco AEROSTRIP® Type T Datasheet

Case Studies

Aerostrip Rockhampton STP Aeration case study Hydroflux Epco

AEROSTRIP® Installation Rockhampton WWTP, Australia

Aerostrip Bunbury WWTP Aeration case study Hydroflux Huber

AEROSTRIP® Installation Bunbury WWTP, Australia

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