Slide background AirPrex™: Process for Optimisation of Biosolids Treatment with the benefit of Phosphate Recovery

Benefits and Savings

Hydroflux CNP 8AirPrex™ Removes Struvite while Significantly Improving Efficiency

The AirPrex™ process has been designed to produce maximum return on investment and make a significant impact on your treatment plant’s cost of operations. The elimination of struvite through this unique process leads to a 90 to 95 percent phosphate reduction in the returned liquor (up to 15 percent related to the incoming P-load).

      • Reduce Polymer by up to 30%
      • Reduce Disposal Costs by up to 20%
      • Reduce Phosphorus Recycle Load by up to 90%
      • Reduce Maintenance Costs by up to 50%
      • Increase Revenue up to 10% from Fertiliser

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