Slide background Hydroflux MBR Packaged Sewage Treatment Systems - Deployable or Permanent Solution for Resorts, Mining and Construction Camps and Emergency Relief Operations

Containerised MBR for Resorts, Hotels and Holiday Camps


resorts1Multiple units available for immediate delivery.

MBR Sewage Wastewater Resorts Containerised Deployable

    •   Designed in a 20’ insulated, weather-tight ISO container
    •   Simplex pumps & blowers design
    •   PLC controlled and plants can be operated remotely
    •   Low sludge production of 0.45 kgDS/kg BOD
    •   High efficiency durable diffusers maximise oxygen transfer
    •   Very long membrane life of up to 10 years continuous operation
    •   40 days sludge age generating a highly mineralised and stabilised sludge
    •   Typically > 6 log removal of coliforms and > 4 log removal of viruses

MBR Sewage Wastewater Resorts Containerised Deployable
Each MBR is designed to treat the wastewater generated by the equivalent of 250 persons (EP) and the modular concept can easily be scaled up for larger facilities. Pump stations and splitter systems are included with modular designs. Click on the image to the right to determine how many containers are required for your site.

Treated water complies with the following and more…
    •   California CDHS Title 22
    •   WHO standards for unlimited irrigation
    •   International Maritime Organisation bacteriological limits
    •   EU bathing Water Directive
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