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Lime Saturators

Lime Clarifier EPCOLime saturators are a key technology for addition of alkalinity & hardness in water treatment and desalination. In water treatment, lime is added to boost alkalinity to prevent excessive drop in pH during coagulation.

In desalination, lime boosts hardness and reacts with dissolved CO2 in the permeate to increase bicarbonate alkalinity. The alkalinity addition protects downstream pipes & pumping systems from corrosion. Other technologies used for lime addition & remineralisation include direct “batch and dose” lime slurry systems, calcite filtration and calcium chloride/sodium bicarbonate dosing.

Lime saturators have several key advantages over these technologies. These include:
    •   Adding both alkalinity & hardness to water in a single step
    •   Removing impurities in bulk lime solids (Zinc, Arsenic, Silica) meaning lower grade lime can be used, saving in overall treatment costs
    •   Low impact from heat of dissolution (compared with bulk lime slurry addition)
    •   Low capital cost compared with calcite filtration
    •   Very low sodium and chloride addition (compared with calcium chloride/sodium bicarbonate dosing)
    •   Low residual lime turbidity in treated water, which can be optimised with flocculant addition.

Lime Saturator Clarifier

Hydroflux EPCO offer a proven range of high efficiency lime saturators for applications in drinking water treatment and desalination. The EPCO lime saturator has several key advantages:
    •   High lime slurry efficiency
    •   Robust construction from concrete, mild or stainless steel
    •   Tolerant of high design concentrations for suspension slaking of quick-lime
    •   Variable speed controlled rake drive mechanism
    •   External slurry recirculation loop
    •   Controlled sludge level
    •   Automatic clarifier covers


Case Studies

Lime Saturator Landers Schute WTP EPCO Hydroflux Project History Australia

Hydroflux EPCO Lime Saturator, Landers Schute WTP, Project History, Australia


EPCO Clarifier Wastewater Brochure Australia

Hydroflux EPCO Clarifier Brochure

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