Five Years On – Successful Operation of AEROSTRIP® Diffusers for South Rockhampton STP

March 6, 2020

In 2015 the South Rockhampton STP, that is operated by Fitzroy Water which is part of Rockhampton Regional Council, was upgraded to achieve tighter effluent discharge and Hydroflux supplied and installed a new diffused aeration system.

A recent visit by Hydroflux showed that the AEROSTRIP® Diffusers were performing to specification with no degradation of the unique polyurethane membrane or fouling after 5 years operation.

AEROSTRIP® uses a proprietary polyurethane formulation that has been developed over 25 years of research. The unique material is an industry secret. This is why we achieve greater than 12 year life for the membranes.

The oldest AEROSTRIP® installation in Australia has just turned 12 years old, and the second is 9 years old. So in addition to the high efficiency we have long term experience with this technology for the Australian market” says Luis Bastos, Director of Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd.

AEROSTRIP® is a fine bubble diffuser used in wastewater treatment plants. Its high efficiency can cut power costs by up to 30% as compared to other aeration technologies. There are over 2000 references around the world and over 25 years of design expertise.

Click here for further information on AEROSTRIP® Fine Bubble Diffusers.

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