Slide background MENA Water Package Drinking Water Plants - High efficiency, compact, rapid deployment
Ideal for both the temporary and permanent high standard treatment of drinking water

How It Works

The MENA-Water potable water package plant SafeDrink is designed as pre-engineered complete system for water purification. The technology combines treatment of settling, sand filtration and disinfection for high effluent quality. Options for membrane filtration and desalination are also provided.

With a well-proven and compact design, the SafeDrink package plant achieves a reliable system operation within smallest footprint area and fast realization time. Inside the treatment plant, water is flowing by gravity which ensures highest efficiency with lowest energy consumption.

All main components of the plant are pre-assembled in a robust steel frame container for easy transportation, installation and accessibility. All water tanks inside the unit are fabricated in stainless steel.

MENA-Water package plants are ideal where requirements call for high quality effluent, economical treatment, rapid availability, an adaptable and modular concept, and minimum construction works on site. Due to the automatic operation and possibility for remote monitoring, the required operation and maintenance activities are kept to a minimum.

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MENA Water is exclusively represented in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji and throughout the Polynesian, Micronesian and Melanesian Islands by the Hydroflux Group. Hydroflux’s commitment to our clients does not end with the delivery of the project and the Hydroflux Group local support teams guarantee our clients plants continue to operate at their full design capacity well into the future.

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