Slide background Organica Water are innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater.

Real Estate Developments

Conserves valuable land with a small footprint and unmatched aesthetics.

In today’s environmentally conscious world real estate developers are increasingly required to account for how wastewater will be treated before selling any land.

Organica's Unique Solutions Create More Saleable Land for Developers

Organica’s Unique Solutions Create More Saleable Land for Developers

Organica FCR provides the ideal solution to meet this challenge, offering a small geographic footprint and attractive aesthetics which mitigates any negative impact on land value and ultimately offer the developer more land to sell.

In addition, if water scarcity is a bottleneck for the development, Organica FCR limits infrastructure costs and thus enables cost-efficient wastewater recycling. In fact, Organica was recently chosen by Marubeni – one the largest real estate developers in Southeast Asia – to provide a wastewater treatment for one of its business parks in Indonesia.

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