Slide background Organica Water are innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater.

Design Package

Everything needed to construct an Organica FCR WWTP.

Every Organica FCR begins with process design. This is Organica’s core expertise; we design a wastewater treatment process which produces clean effluent in very little space, with minimal energy consumption.

Each process design starts with basic parameters from the client including the influent water characteristics, effluent discharge limits, temperature, available space, and required treatment capacity.

Organica then carries out careful calculations and creates a process flow diagram and a set of parameters which govern the operation of that particular Organica FCR solution. This data is then supplemented with additional detail from our engineering team to produce a full WWTP design package, including basic architectural drawings and a complete equipment list.  The result is a complete toolset which can be used by any EPC or General contractor to build that specific Organica FCR WWTP.

Organica has developed a first-of-its-kind design tool that will launch in late summer 2014.  The tool allows us to input all the specific details of a project, including commercial preferences, influent, effluent, flows, temperatures, and client preferences. We then validate that data based on our extensive regional databases and process validation algorithms. Once the data passes these checks it is used for simulation, sizing, and rendering to create a COMPLETE basic engineering design package for a beautiful, space and energy-efficient Organica-powered wastewater treatment facility.  The tool will help us in facilitating the value-creating change that Organica-powered facilities offer to cities and towns all over the world.

We can build or upgrade WWTPs of almost any size with the Organica FCR solution.

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