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Organica Scallop Discfilter

Organica Discfilter STP Hydroflux
Because the biomass in an Organica Food Chain Reactor (FCR) is primarily fixed on the root structures, suspended solids (TSS) content of the water at the end of biological treatment is significantly (commonly 90%) lower than conventional suspended growth systems (100-300 mg/l).  As a result, an Organica FCR WWTP can perform phase separation via discfilter units instead of space-consuming sedimentation tanks (secondary clarifiers).  Each Scallop discfilter incorporates a simple, yet sophisticated, design that ensures continuous and low-maintenance operation.

Organica’s Scallop discfilter is a mechanical cloth filtration device specially designed to remove suspended solids.Scallop Discfilter

Designed as an “inside-out” system, water flows into the Scallop discfilter feed pipe and through openings into the discs mounted on the feed pipe. As the influent flows through the filter panels, suspended solids collect on the filtration media surface. The solids accumulate and generate headloss, which causes the feed pipe water level to rise until hitting a set point, triggering the automated backwash cycle. During backwash, the accumulated solids are washed from the rotating discs into the sludge trough by a small portion of the filtered water under pressure. Filtration is continuous even during backwash, and the design of the discfilter enables water to gravity flow through the whole system, minimizing pumping energy.

The design also allows for simple and easy access to individual filter panels for easy maintenance or replacement.

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