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Process Control Software

Highly automated system allows seamless operation.

As part of each Organica FCR WWTP, Organica supplies and installs its process control software, custom programmed to operate the WWTP efficiently and in an automated way.  Organica utilises a PC-PLC based process control system, integrating the acquisition, display, and storage of operational data, as well as the input and application of operational variables.

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Automation in an Organica powered WWTP

The control and management of the WWTP relies on the data gathered from the sensors and probes installed in the WWTP, provided by either Organica, Hydroflux Epco or a 3rd party.  The flow of wastewater is measured by electromagnetic meters and level indicators, while the optimization of energy consumption requires data from dissolved oxygen probes linked to variable speed drives controlling the blowers. Pump capacity is regulated via variable speed drives and electromagnetic or pneumatic controllers which regulate valves.  All equipment is controlled by a PLC, which monitors their status through feedback channels and displays it on the application program.

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Organica HMI SCADA Control

The process control software provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for operator interaction and ensures secure operation of the whole treatment plant.  The operational savings from this high level of automation are significant as with this level of sophistication Organica facilities require very few personnel for safe operation.  In addition, the ability to establish secure online connections enables Organica engineers to provide clients with an Operational Supervision service.  Using the online interface, engineers can remotely view, evaluate, and provide input to optimise WWTP operation.

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