Slide background Organica Water are innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater.

Attractive Botanical Design

Organica Powered WWTP in the Heart of Shenzhen, China

Organica Powered WWTP in the Heart of Shenzhen, China

As populations continue to grow, cities – especially in the developing world
– are becoming more and more crowded, while in other parts of the world “urban sprawl” is graying the lines between what is “urban” and “suburban.”

As a result, land is becoming scarcer and land values near population centers continue to rise. Governments can no longer afford to waste valuable space on WWTPs and the odor and unattractive aesthetics that causes people to live far away from them, not to mention the high cost of building and operating the infrastructure to take the wastewater and effluent to and from the remote WWTP location.

With an attractive greenhouse design and none of the typical wastewater treatment plant odors, the garden like appearance of an Organica FCR offers a significantly reduced geographic and “psychological” footprint, dramatically reducing infrastructure costs by allowing wastewater to be treated close to the source.

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