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Case Studies

From companies to municipalities, Organica provides water solutions for each individual situation.

With over 50 operating references in Europe, China and Nth America, the Organica FCR process has been well established with advanced modelling tools for process and engineering design.

Sechelt, Canada

Case Studies Sechelt Canada

Located on the pristine lower “Sunshine Coast” of British Columba, north of Vancouver, the town of Sechelt selected an Organica powered wastewater treatment facility due to its garden like appearance, odourless operation, small footprint and energy efficiency. The Organica solution allowed the treatment plant to be constructed in the middle of town, further reducing pumping and collection costs. Two existing treatment facilities were made redundant, with all flows being treated in the new 2.2 MLD facility.
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Budapest, Hungary

Case Studies Budapest Hungary

An 80 MLD wastewater treatment facility in the Hungarian capital of Budapest has been completely enveloped by the growth of the city, creating capacity, operational and odour challenges. To upgrade the facility and address these issues at the aging treatment facility, Organica FCR was chosen as the most economical solution.
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Shenzhen, China

case studies - Shenzhen, China

On the Chinese mainland across from Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a city booming with industrial expansion. One of the area’s operations is Foxconn Technology Group’s largest manufacturing plant, located in the middle of the city, where several hundred thousand people live and work. In accordance with new national regulations, the site is required to provide wastewater treatment to meet the business park’s needs, and produce clean, reusable water. To meet those needs, an Organica solution was squeezed into the bustling area and provided a valuable green space for residents.
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Etyek, Hungary

Case studies Etyek Hungary
When a group of Hollywood producers presented the idea of building a world class film studio in Etyek, Hungary (just outside of Budapest), the proposal was limited by the community’s ability to handle the increased wastewater production. To facilitate the studio construction and bring valuable jobs and tourism to the small community, Etyek’s wastewater system was expanded to meet the increased demand with an Organica solution, all with a design blending into the surrounding wine country hillside.
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Gençay, France

Case studies Gencay France
Located in Western France, Gencay is a small community recognized as a medieval heritage site complete with a 13th-century fortress located in the city center. When facing new water quality standards, Gençay worked together with the neighboring town of Saint-Maurice-La-Clouere to find a wastewater solution that fits into the local setting, only Organica could provide an aesthetically-pleasing solution to enhance the local surroundings.
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Telki, Hungary

case studies Telki Hungary

Telki is a charming and rapidly growing community in the the countryside outside of Budapest (Hungary). As the residential community grew, it needed a wastewater solution that upheld the high local standards while not disturbing or lowering the existing community’s land and real estate value. Organica’s odorless and compact design fit into the limited available space, all while upholding the community’s high expectations and using less energy than conventional approaches.
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Gallicoop, Hungary

case studies Gallicoop Hungary

Gallicoop Corp. is one of the largest food processing operations in Eastern Europe. As the local public utilities imposed higher fees for treating the wastewater produced at the facility, Gallicoop needed a business-friendly solution for onsite processing of their wastewater. To solve the challenge, Organica delivered both a business-friendly solution, but an environmentally-friendly one as well.
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