Slide background Organica Water are innovative solutions for the treatment and recycling of wastewater.

Organica FCR

Organica Food Chain Reactor (FCR)

The Organica FCR is a complete wastewater treatment solution including solids removal, biological treatment/nutrient removal, phase separation, and final treatment for reuse quality (if required), all incorporated into a compact, single structure.

Organica Food Chain Reactor

The biological treatment step is accomplished via a series of reactors, whose number and size depends on a variety of factors including influent wastewater characteristics, effluent requirements, temperature, and the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP).

The biological stage is preceded with a standard pretreatment step and followed by phase separation and final polishing to meet the client’s specific effluent requirements.

The biological reactors in an Organica FCR are arranged in a cascade configuration, each with specially designed Biomodules, in order to optimize the development of distinct ecosystems in each step of the treatment process.

Following primary treatment the influent travels through the biological cascade, and in doing so the nutrient content is consumed by biofilm cultures that live on both the engineered (Organica’s proprietary biofiber media) and natural (plant roots) media in each reactor.

As a result of the cascade design the composition of the ecosystem fixed in the biofilm changes from reactor to reactor, adapting itself to the decreasing nutrient concentrations, thus maximizing the decomposition of contaminants and enabling Organica FCR WWTPs to treat wastewater in the least amount of space, using as little energy as possible.

While Organica and Hydroflux Epco provide the key enabling products and services for the design, construction, and operation of an Organica FCR WWTP, the majority of other components in an Organica FCR WWTP are commercially available “off-the-shelf” and can be provided by any EPC of General Contractor.


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