Slide background A FlooBed® MBBR is one of several types of aerobic biological wastewater treatment process that uses bacteria to consume organic matter in the presence of oxygen.

Hydroflux FlooBed® Advanced Carrier Mechanism

Hydroflux FlooBed® MBBR carrier material is made of recycled polyethylene and manufactured using a state of the art injection moulding process that produces a very hard and highly durable carrier.

All of our carriers are shaped like cylinders, containing internal walls inside the cylinder and longitudinal fins on the outside. Their density and mantle length varies depending on type of carrier and their application from 0.9 – 1.3 g/cm³ and 1 – 6 cm, respectively. The effective surface area on the carriers available for the biofilm growth is around a few hundred square meters per cubic meter of bulk carrier volume.

We have a comprehensive range of carriers. The most popular styles and sizes are below:

FlooBed® Carrier 438 FlooBed® Carrier 127
carrier438 carrier127
Total surface area ~ 600 m²/m³
Dimensions D 12,7 and 9,8mm x H 12,7mm
Total surface area 380 m²/m³
Dimensions D 44mm x H 37mm
Special features:

  • Open structure and conical shape – Conical shape increases the rotation of carriers during mixing improving biofilm flushing and mass transfer.
  • Outer supporting walls protect the biofilm growing inside and at the same time larger gaps in the circumference maximize the mass transfer to and from the biofilm and prevent the excess ”clogging” growth of biofilm.
Special features:

  • Designed specifically for pulp and paper solutions. It is a large carrier with a very strong and durable structure.
  • It has a high efficiency area with an open structure. This results in a carrier with a very low blocking tendency whilst allowing a high mass transfer and a high concentration of active biomass in small volume.