Slide background AirPrex™: Process for Optimisation of Biosolids Treatment with the benefit of Phosphate Recovery

CNP Struvite Phosphate Removal

CNP Technologies AirPrex™ – A Complete Solution to the Struvite Problem

AirPrex™ is a complete sludge optimization and phosphorus recovery system that’s installed between anaerobic digestion and sludge dewatering steps. Controlled struvite precipitation is regulated by air stripping in the AirPrex™ reactor with the addition of a magnesium chemical product. The combination of biological phosphate elimination and the AirPrex™ system achieves unrivaled effectiveness in terms of wastewater dewatering efficiency and cost savings.

Optimisation of Sludge Treatment with the Benefit of Phosphate Recovery:

  • The Problem – Struvite Causes Reduced Sludge Dewaterability and Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity
  • The CNP Solution – How AirPrex™ Optimises the Sludge Treatment Process Like No Other System
  • Benefits and Savings – AirPrex™ Removes Struvite while Significantly Improving Sludge Dewatering Efficiency

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