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Package Sewage Plants

EPCO Australia Water Clarifier Hydroflux PictureThe Hydroflux Epco Packaged Extended Aeration Sewage Treatment Plant (PSTP) was developed in Australia in 1962 to meet the demands of smaller or isolated communities for the complete purification of domestic sewage to a degree allowing discharge to local water courses, irrigation and reuse.

Packaged plants can be designed to suit 50 persons to 5000 persons and can be installed in-ground or above. These plants are compact, very reliable and simple to operate and maintain.

Since the initial development, over 150 EPCO packaged plants have been installed in small towns, hotels, mine sites, oil fields and holiday resorts, often in remote and environmentally sensitive sites.

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Roadtrain Package Sewage Treatment Plant Wastewater Brochure Australia

Hydroflux Epco RoadTrain® Package Sewage Treatment Plant Brochure

As a pioneer in Australia, Hydroflux Epco continues to offer EPCO Australia’s complete design, build, install and refurbishment service. Our commitment to our clients does not end with the delivery of the project and we support our clients so that that their plants continue to operate at their full design capacity well into the future.

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