Slide background MENA Water Package MBR - High efficiency, compact, rapid deployment
Ideal for both the temporary and permanent high standard treatment of sewage

Packaged MBR

MENA Water offer a range of packaged membrane bioreactors (MBR) to treat sewage and industrial wastewater. The use of MBR based technology enables the use of much smaller treatment systems as compared to conventional plants.

MBR Package Wastewater Mena Water Hydroflux Epco Australia

Over 300 systems have been installed into wastewater applications around the world. Typically the systems are fabricated as containerised units delivered wired and piped, to reduce installation time. This standardisation reduces manufacturing time and build costs.

A MENA Water packaged MBR can consist of:
    •   Raw wastewater pump stations
    •   Pre-treatment
    •   Biological treatment systems
    •   Membrane filtration unit
    •   Permeate storage tank
    •   Sludge treatment
    •   Odour control system
    •   Mobile power generator
    •   Containerised operator room
To view MENA Water’s full range of Package Sewage Treatment Plant Applications please select from the links below:
To view Technical Information on MENA Water’s Package Sewage Treatment Plant’s please select from the links below:
    •   How It Works – Details on the different process steps in a package MBR
    •   Different Configuration Options – MENA Water’s Traditional MR-I and the Unique MR-U configurations
    •   Sizing – Standard sizes from 25m3/day to 1000m3/day

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MENA Water is exclusively represented in Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Fiji and throughout the Polynesian, Micronesian and Melanesian Islands by the Hydroflux Group. Hydroflux’s commitment to our clients does not end with the delivery of the project and the Hydroflux Group local support teams guarantee our clients plants continue to operate at their full design capacity well into the future.

Mena MBR Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant Wastewater Hydroflux Epco Australia