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Organica Biomodule

Organica Biomodule STP Hydroflux

At the heart of the Organica Food Chain Reactor (FCR) solution is the Organica Biomodule. Designed to fit securely into the biological reactors, each Biomodule acts as the support structure for both the plants whose roots make up the primary biofilm carrier, and Organica’s specially developed proprietary biofiber media designed to mimic the structure and function of the plant roots.

The root structures in turn provide an ideal habitat for a thriving ecosystem – both larger (3-4x greater active biomass per cubic meter of reactor volume) and more diverse (4x greater species diversity) than the biology found in typical conventional activated sludge based systems.

Natural Media

Installation of Organica Biomodule

This results in the development of a distinctive self-regulating ecosystem with operational flexibility and high resilience to unexpected influent fluctuations and shock-loading.  In addition, because the Biomodules support this unique biofilm fixed on the root structures, the process utilizes much lower suspended solids content in the water (typically 90% less than conventional suspended growth systems).  This lower suspended solids content improves oxygen transfer efficiency and results in 30% or greater energy savings.

The Biomodule is the key component of an Organica FCR WWTP, enabling the same level of contaminant/nutrient removal in half (or less) reactor volume when compared to other activated sludge-based solutions.  This volume reduction results in land, construction, and equipment cost savings.

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